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Play Based Parenting Posts Q&A

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

*Posted on October 29, 2020 at Play Based Parenting by Renee

Start building emotional literacy. What a feeling! The ABCs for emotions

girl reading book

We have a new children’s book about emotions that we want to share with you and today Play-Based-Parenting welcomes the author for a very personal interview! Children’s books are a gentle way to explore emotions and start building Emotional literacy. Previously, I shared these awesome books for developing emotional awareness in children and now, I have another your children will love…

‘What a feeling!’ The ABCs for emotions, building emotional literacy I was introduced to ‘What a feeling! The ABCs for emotions’ and the lovely author, Stephanie and knew instantly that this would be a fun and fabulous addition to our work on feelings and emotional regulation.

I honestly believe the first step to regulating and effectively coping with big feelings in children is to start building emotional literacy. I was overwhelmed with joy that Stephanie had the exact same belief. She believes that we need to increase a child’s vocabulary by giving them the words to express their experience of feeling a wide range of emotions, and how it feels in their bodies.

child reading book

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